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Photo Restoration Service INDIA

Photo Restoration from Fixpiconline providing expert old photo restoration and photographic repair. Photo Retouching is carried out on your old and damaged photographs. They can be digitally retouched and restored to their former glory by our professional photograph restoration team.

If you have been keeping your old photographs in a box in the loft, now is the time to get them down and get them repaired by our professional team. No matter what the damage or what your requirements are we are happy to give you a quote and you will be surprised by the results we can achieve in replacing missing parts of photographs, colouring up black and white and removing dust and scratches, and that is just the easy stuff for us. Don’t leave your photos out in the cold any longer, give them the care and attention they deserve and a new lease of life to show to your friends on Facebook and other social media or framed as a gift to a loved one.

Photo Retouching

fixpiconline specialises in photo restoration and photo repair. We offer a unique online photo restoration service to repair damaged photos or images. This is a risk free service. fixpiconline does not expect payment for any photo retouching carried out until you are 100% happy with your photo restoration. You can check your repaired photographs online before you pay using our state of the art online photo restoration review service.

Restore Old Photos

We have over 15 years experience in restoring old photos, our photo restoration experience to enable us to produce work to the highest of standards. As well as restoration work we also offer creative photographic services if you would like something different creating from your photographs. We have many examples of the type of Photo Restoration we are capable of if you visit our example page here.

Please take some time to enjoy our website and view some of our work examples in our photographic gallery.

We create beautiful Portrait Paintings From your Favourite Photos

Fixpiconline, a digital hand painting studio, a sole initiation to give essence to the photos through digital painting techniques. With an experience of over a decade and the deftness of an artist, we provide portrait painting, photo restoration, photo finishing or photo manipulation wherein we try to infuse life to every picture. Be it self portrait, couple portrait, child portrait, pet portrait, festive paintings or like, we try to bring forward the emotions behind the captured moment. Our efforts get real appreciation in the form of smiles on the face of our clients when the digital paintings of their admired photos get delivered to their door step, immortalized as a masterpiece. A masterpiece which they can savour any time, every time for time infinite!


  • Photo restoration and photo repair from original photos or digital images
  • Repair damaged photographs or digital images.
  • Digitally remove blemishes and tears after scanning your old photos.
  • Restore photographs back to their original colour quality, if not better!
  • Special effects added to your photos such as pop art or painting effects.
  • Removeunwantedobjects.
  • Photo Print or Canvas printb your restored photo to show off the results.
  • Whatever you require from your photo, we can do it!


  • You don’t have to pay until you’re 100% happy with the photo repair.
  • We are open 7 days a week.
  • Upon request we can complete restorations ready for review within 4 HOURS!!
  • We are a specialist service, unlike large companies with diluted skills.
  • We offer great value for money, starting at onlyRs 150 per image.
  • We offer afully digital state of the art process for you to utilise.
  • India based company.
  • No signing up required – ordering is a very simple, straight forward process.

1.Upload Your Photo
a Free quote click here to upload your photo and we will reply via email within 24hrs.
2.Place Your Order
Fill out our online order form or simply email your instructions to us at
3.Review and Play
We’ll send you an email link to review the results. Once you are happy you can pay online
4.Receive Your Order
Once payment is received we will email your image(s), and post your prints within 24 hrs

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